Mini-Action Research Plan Reflection


Raechel and I worked effectively as a team to design our Mini-Action Research Plan.  Since neither of us are currently in a classroom, we jumped at the opportunity to do our Mini-Action Research Plan at the Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos.  Dr. Smith had told us to plan for the unexpected, so we wrote out a traditional lesson plan and adapted it to be used as more of a workshop style lesson.  We chose to do our lesson on the Mexican holiday “El Dia de Los Muertos”, specifically with creating masks to be worn during the festivities and celebration.  We created a mini lesson to teach our “students” about the history of the holiday and the significance of the masks.  We then scaffolded how to use the software and 2D printers.  We had two participants, a son and mother.  The son was in 4th grade, but was very enthusiastic about using the technology.  I think originally the mom had planned to read, but she also got very into the process.  Overall, it wasn’t was I expected at all, but I think it was a great experience for both our “students” and Raechel and I.  We got to teach more people about 2D digital fabrication and they got to walk away with some great masks and hopefully a little more knowledge on the holiday and significance.  

Our example artifacts:



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