Mini-Action Research Plan Reflection


Raechel and I worked effectively as a team to design our Mini-Action Research Plan.  Since neither of us are currently in a classroom, we jumped at the opportunity to do our Mini-Action Research Plan at the Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos.  Dr. Smith had told us to plan for the unexpected, so we wrote out a traditional lesson plan and adapted it to be used as more of a workshop style lesson.  We chose to do our lesson on the Mexican holiday “El Dia de Los Muertos”, specifically with creating masks to be worn during the festivities and celebration.  We created a mini lesson to teach our “students” about the history of the holiday and the significance of the masks.  We then scaffolded how to use the software and 2D printers.  We had two participants, a son and mother.  The son was in 4th grade, but was very enthusiastic about using the technology.  I think originally the mom had planned to read, but she also got very into the process.  Overall, it wasn’t was I expected at all, but I think it was a great experience for both our “students” and Raechel and I.  We got to teach more people about 2D digital fabrication and they got to walk away with some great masks and hopefully a little more knowledge on the holiday and significance.  

Our example artifacts:



Blog Post #12 & #13

So apparently I forgot that we had a week 12, so sorry it’s late Dr. Smith, but here is my post for #13 (it’s basically the same as 12)

Reflect on This Week’s Activities (also include photos if you took some):

  • Describe your current progress on the  mini-action research project
    – Raechel and I completed our Mini-Action Research Project two weeks ago at the cultural center.  I think that it went well, all things considering.  My goal for this week is to get my reflection post posted with pictures and to finalize everything with Raechel on our videos for our presentation in class.
  • What did you accomplish this week?
    – So far I have only completed the lesson plan and the actual completion of the mini-action research project.
  • What do you need to accomplish next week?
    – I need to get my reflection post posted with pictures and finalize our video.
  • How have you been utilizing your own transdisciplinary abilities and visual-reasoning abilities this week?
    – I actually tried to show my boyfriend how to use the silhouette software, that in itself required me to pull out my trandsciplinary abilities and visual-reasoning abilities.  To be able to describe the software, it’s uses and functionality to someone else, requires you to use your own set of skills to display for them to gain their own skills. 
  • What STEAM connections did you experience this week (both within this your preparation for the mini-action research project and your daily life)? 
    – I use technology on a daily basis, it is my one STEAM that I will always be using.  I am currently using technology to work on my reflection post for my Mini-Action research plan and on a digital story for another class. 
  • 3-2-1: What new questions or ideas do you have?

    3 things I learned: I learned that time flies by when you don’t actually have to attend class and you have work to complete for that class.  I learned that there is truly no such thing as a “break”. I also learned that breaks are necessary in order to be the most successful. 

    2 things I am unsure of:  I am unsure of how our presentation in class will go over our mini-action research plan.  I am unsure as to how our video will turn out considering that we only had two students complete our mini-action research plan.

    1 thing I want to know more about: Ideas on how to use 2D and 3D fabrication in the classroom.